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Why does the Be Bold! LILA Capital Campaign matter?

LILA delivers an outstanding academic program for our students. We want our facilities to provide a similarly exceptional learning environment. We’re not targeting the fanciest bells and whistles; we’re looking to upgrade from basic “make-do” items to reasonable enhancements that offer maximum educational value and better quality for years of use. As always, we promise to stretch every dollar for the best return on investment.

Your contribution matters here at LILA, today and long into the future. We allocated the majority of our bond funding—about $16.4 million—toward construction elements that are most prudent to complete now. For example, it would cost far more to add a performing arts center later than in conjunction with this expansion. To support the strength of this long-term financial approach, we covered the basic necessities for the buildings and minimized amenities, such as stage lighting and sound equipment.

Moreover, as a public charter school, LILA does not have the power to ask local voters to support a tax increase that would pay for some of these items in a traditional school. Instead, we’re asking you to help ensure that every LILA student from preschool through grade 12 has access to a world-class public school that supports the International Baccalaureate program in every way.

So, even for those students who never perform in a play or concert, they will still use the performing arts center and its equipment for their IB exhibitions and presentations—and you’ll be able to see their achievements via live-streaming technology even if you spend your winters in warmer climates or if you travel for work.

Again, LILA will ensure that we continue to cover the basics, but we believe that providing our students with better educational tools, supplies, and facilities promotes essential learner engagement and enhances teaching flexibility and lesson-delivery options for greater achievement outcomes while raising staff satisfaction and retention.

What will the capital campaign actually cover?

From more powerful and sturdier microscopes in the science wing to stage curtains and more comfortable seating in the performing arts center, the Upper School has a long list of specific enhancement items. Some things you simply won’t notice, such as technology running the scoreboard or increased security cameras in multiple locations. Other things, like visually appealing directional signage will be appreciated from the start.

At the Kindergarten Center, financial support will upgrade the quality of the playground equipment, add even more security technology and user-friendly parent protocols, increase the diversity of gymnasium equipment, and improve the overall quality of seating comfort for students and staff.

In addition, we anticipate that some of the capital campaign funds will overlap enhancements at the Main Campus when we rebuild the main entry, augmenting the Minnesota Department of Education’s Safety and Security Grant.

The end result is that LILA students in all grades will benefit from the Capital Campaign!

Of course, you can designate your dollars toward specific items at either campus (a wish-list is available upon request). However, for the most equitable distribution of funding across our school community and the greatest flexibility in purchasing power, we appreciate general capital campaign donations.

What happens if we don’t raise $1 million dollars by February 2, 2020?

LILA will continue its highly regarded International Baccalaureate programs for preschool through grade 12. We’ll make do, as we always have done. But we’d love to spend less effort making do and more time making educational progress for our students. With your help, LILA can enhance its learning environments today and provide a truly world-class education long into the future.

On 02-02-2020, we’ll host an open house at the Upper School to celebrate the completion of our expansion projects. If the campaign hasn’t met its goals by then, we’ll continue asking for help.

In the meantime, trust that we’re applying for grants, leveraging our budgets, and working hard to make sure that every dollar you give does the most good for LILA’s students.

How will this positively affect my child’s education?

Whether your child is a preschooler, a third-grader, or a senior, the time is now to make a positive impact on your child’s educational experience! We’re thrilled to enhance the learning environment with quality designs, equipment, and materials, so that every LILA student has access to the International Baccalaureate curriculum in a world-class facility. Your bold contribution today means a new world of learning possibilities here, and a better LILA years from now.

  • Make a world of difference. Give boldly.

    Your generous support of LILA’s expansion projects will help to ensure a world-class public learning experience for years to come, one that truly prepares our graduates to become engaged community members and thoughtful global citizens—people who make a difference.


Make a world of difference. Give boldly.

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    Make a world of difference. Give boldly.